TSE Entre's Summer Tour 2013 has begun

This week TSE Entre's researchers Ewald Kibler and Pekka Stenholm will attend the top-notch entrepreneurship conference, Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference, in Lyon, France.

Dr. Ewald Kibler's paper, co-authored with  PhD Student Pablo Munoz (Newcastle University Business School), focuses on configurational approach on opportunity feasibility perception under varying institutional conditions. Their paper is entitled 'The Formation of Opportunity Feasibility Beliefs in Social Entrepreneurship: A Configurational Analysis of Insitutional Conditions'.

Collegium Research Pekka Stenholm's other paper, co-authored with Prof Zoltan J. Acs (George Mason University, USA), Assistant Professor Samee Desai (Indiana University, USA) and Associate Professor Robert Wuebker (University of Utah, USA), addresses the nuanced role of institutional arrangements in the variation of formal and informal entrepreneurship across countries. The paper is entitled 'Institutions and the Rate of Formal and Informal Entrepreneurship Across Countries'.

Stenholm's other paper, co-authored with Assistant Professor Maija Renko (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA), focuses on investigating how entrepreneurial passion influences entrepreneurs' early stage survival and how their engagement in bricolage mediates this relationship. The paper is entitled 'Passionate Entrepreneurs Improvise More With Their Resources - And That Helps Them Stay Afloat'.

Next week TSE Entre's researcher Matthias Filser will attend the 58th International Council for Small Business World Conference in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

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