The Summer Tour continues

TSE Entre's researcher will continue their travels.

On next week our University Teacher Sanna Suomalainen will present two papers at the 58th International Council for Small Business World Conference in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Her first paper, co-authored with Researcher Sampsa Wulff (University of Eastern Finland), is entitled 'How to Promote Entrepreneurship Among Students? A Case University of Eastern Finland'. The second paper is about the role of public funding in supporting entrepreneurship. The paper, co-authored also with Sampsa Wulff, is entitled 'The Relevance of Public Funding in Supporting Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas - Evidence from Northern Savo Region in Finland'.

In addition, Researcher Thomas Lehmström will attend the doctoral consortium at the European Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Istanbul, Turkey. His paper is entitled 'Expanding Agency: Developing an Entrepreneurial View of the Intra-Organizational Institutions of an Ophthalmology Clinic'.

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