Evaluation of Finnvera Plc

Finnvera plc provides financial support for the start-up, growth and internationalisation of small and medium sized enterprises and, as well as, guarantees and financing against risks related to exports. As a state owned public limited company, it is administered and governed by the Ministry for Employment and the Economy (MEE) which also commissioned the evaluation.

The evalution was conducted by International Financial Consulting Ltd. and University of Turku's TSE Entre. It assesses Finnvera in the context of both the national and international business environment and provides a perspective on the areas in which Finnvera needs to be focusing for the period up to year 2020. The report considers also the role of MEE in its steering or oversight of Finnvera as a part of MEE group, and makes recommendations about the future renewal needs and orientation related to Finnvera’s strategy, activities, structures and tasks.

The report will be published on 26th of June in Helsinki.

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