Top 20 Finnish start-ups by Talouselämä

Their list comprises the following raising stars:

Name, start-up yearWhat they offer...?
Aava Mobile, 2009 An open-source mobile device platform for the OEM/ODM market
Applifier, 2008 Helps game and app publishers of all sizes grow their applications through cross promotion.
Blaast, 2010 Bring mobile apps and a smartphone user experience to the next billion people (i.e. to the less developed economies) via cloud-based services.
DealDash, 2009 By combining a game-like experience with a sophisticated bidding platform which may provide brand new products for huge discount.
Digital Foodie, 2009 An online community that helps consumers shop smarter and eat healthier and helps grocery retailers to engage more transparently with their customers to build customer loyalty.
Flowdock, 2009 A shared team inbox with group chat.
Makia Clothing, 2006 Clothing firm with attitude.
Microtask, 2009 A proprietary software platform, which automatically splits work assignments into tiny pieces and distributes them to our digital workers around the world.
Multi Touch, 2007 Provides interactive multiuser displays and software platforms.
Oncos Therapeutics, 2009 Oncos Therapeutics develops novel cancer therapies based on its next generation oncolytic viruses.
Ovelin, 2010 An iPad game that makes learning to play the real guitar fun, addictive and motivating.
Rightware, 2009 Provides graphical 3D user interface solutions e.g. for mobile devices and cars.
Senseg, 2006 A new generation of haptic technology that delivers sophisticated tactile sensations and enriches digital communication by electrically generated force fields.
SkySQL, 2010 ”New MySQL" i.e. open source database producer.
Supercell, 2010 Develops social network games for smart phones, tablets and browsers.
Tinkercad, 2010 Web-based CAD modeling and 3D printing.
Valkee, 2007 Earphone-type-of device that channels safe bright light directly
to photosensitive regions of the brain through the ear canal.
Valon Lasers, 2011 Method of photocoagulation that makes a full PRP faster than earlier .
WOT Services, 2006 Community-powered service for secure web browsing for firms.
ZenRobotics, 2007 Specializes in AI and robotic recycling technology.

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