TSE Entre's Nordic Tour Fall 2011

Five of us will be arriving to Bodo, Norway, later this week. TSE Entre's crew is participating in the RENT 25th Annual Conference. The conference's preliminary talks will be broadcasted online:

Thursday November 17th: http://www.serialive.com/watch.php?id=42149
0900 - 0920 (CET) Welcome and Opening Plenary Session
Principal Pål Pedersen, University of Nordland
Prof. Thomas Cooney, President of ECSB
Chair: Prof. Odd Jarl Borch, UiN

0920 - 1030 (CET) Academic “Talk show” Theme: Entrepreneurship Research in Europe in Times of Crisis: What is the Future?
Prof. Sara Carter, Strathclyde University
Prof. Johan Wiklund, Syracuse University
Prof. Paul Westhead, Durham University
Prof. Lars Kolvereid, University of Nordland
Senior Res. Elisabet Ljunggren, Nordland Research Inst.

Friday November 18th: http://www.serialive.com/watch.php?id=42152

0830 - 0920 (CET) Keynote speech: Entrepreneurship, Business and Society
Prof. Shaker A. Zahra, University of Minnesota

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