Biannual Nordic Conference on Small Business Research 2012

The NCSB 2012 will continue its tradition but also widen the perspective to more interdisciplinary areas following the so called "Aalto Spirit". Even if the name of the Conference refers to Nordic countries contributors and participants from all over the world are warmly welcome. The objective of this 17th Nordic Conference on Small Business Research is to foster the exchange of ideas and to introduce the research findings in the different fields of small businesses and entrepreneurship.

One purpose of the Conference is to create links between university scholars and practitioners. We would like to welcome papers for example in the following fields:
  • Identification and development of opportunities
  • Innovations and commercialization processes in SMEs
  • Family businesses and habitual entrepre­neurship
  • Growth and performance of SMEs
  • Entrepreneurial finance and venture capital
  • International entrepreneurship
  • Networking and cooperation in SMEs
  • Design thinking and entrepreneurship
  • Modernization and diversification in SMEs
  • Strategies in SMEs
  • Theoretical and methodological issues in studying SMEs
  • SMEs and Entrepreneurship policy
  • Gender and diversity in SMEs and entrepreneurship
  • Sustainability and entrepreneurship
  • Social entrepreneurship

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