Wohoo Finland, Wohoo!

Richard Florida et al. just launched new Global Creativity Index (download the report here). The Global Creativity Index ranks 82 nations on Technology, Talent, and Tolerance (the critical “3Ts” of economic development). The index is a broad composite measure based on key measures of technology (R&D investment, researchers, and patents per capita), talent (educational attainment and the creative class) and tolerance (the treatment of immigrants, racial and ethnic minorities, and gays and lesbians).

To start with, Finland is relatively prevalent (nr. 1) in the rankings based on pure R&D figures.
"Finland takes the top spot overall, ranking first in researchers, third in R&D investment, and fourth in innovation. Home to Nokia and many innovative small firms, Finland is an acknowledged leader in innovative communications technology." (p. 6)

What comes to the Talent Finland is kicking strong and is also ranked nr. 1 among the 82 nations. This is mostly because of high attendance in tetriary education in Finnish population. Finland's worst result is related to the Tolerance. Finland is ranked only 19th basically due to low acceptance of racial and ethnic minorities as well as gays and lesbians. Based on the Florida's approach this is an important proxy for creativity. Accordingly, Finland is ranked "only" third in the Global Creativity Index even if two "T"s are highly prevalent in Finland.

Importantly, the association between the Global Creativity Index based on 3T's and entrepreneurial activity is pretty high and thus, it makes sense to assess the role of 3T further.

Who's with me?

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