Incentives lead to behavior, right?

Nokia, the former Finnish No 1, had their summer job ad on Sunday's paper. It was for summer trainees, but it was so highly pimped up that it was a bit funny. Or how this sound like for ordinary production line work with high likelihood for monotonically repeating of the same thing over and over again: "Are your the Nokia Future Talent?...As an OPERATOR you can show your skills in assembling wireless hand-held devices or packing finished product ready for sending to customers...you should be ready for working in four shifts...".

Sounds tempting?

Following this, today's post topic's short sentence has lot to say. Where are the incentives for entrepreneurship among younger Finnish adults? Why they won't try their wings by doing what they like to do and getting paid at the same time? Assuming that the liking in question is legal and something that someone is willing to pay for....

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