Arrangements for entrepreneurship are ok, but...

In our interview on national GEM results in Kauppalehti magazine we continue the discussion about the lack of growth-oriented new entrepreneurs.

The results show that the prevalence Finnish early-stage entrepreneurs is continously lacking behind the rest of the world and other innovation-driven economies. Even if many barriers potentially inhibiting the engagement in entrepreneurial activities and growth are demolished in Finland, the whining is still loud and strong: "It costs too much, there is too much bureaucracy involved, etc." The worst case is when the institutional organizations amplify these messages. That simply sucks big time! However, on the hand those new entrepreneurs, who employ others, don't whine so much, and they dont' get squeezed by institutional forces.

So, the question remains how to make at least someone belonging in the former group more positive on everything. Being a mundane is fine and ok, but still some of them have brilliant ideas and surely someone has recognized kick-ass opportunities. Those are the chance, right?

Link to the story (in Finnish).

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