Global Entrepreneurship Monitor

Greetings from Washington D.C.

The latest global report was published yesterday. Interestingly, among other issues it shows how the recession has affected entrepreneurial behavior across countries. This is shown basically in the change of the ratio between necessity and opportunity-based entrepreneurship. Necessity has risen in some countries, like Ireland.

As a positive note the GEM report tells us that "today, 250 million people between 18-64 years old are actively engaged in starting or running new businesses in 59 economies...". Nice. Report also shows that "63 million of these early-stage entrepreneurs expect to hire at least five employees over the next five years. 27 million anticipate hiring twenty or more people in newly created jobs." These are the important entrepreneurial individuals who actually contribute to the economic growth (or development depending on the phase of the economy). Unfortunately, there is continuous lack of them in Finland.

How to change the current state of affairs?

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